Venkat Homes


1. Have you done any SEO/Google/Online Promotions yet? If so, could you please share those details?
Online promotion through our website “Venkathomes.com” only.

2. What geographical locations do you wish to target?
All over Chennai and Chennai Only.

3. Do you have your existing/potential customer database with you? If so, could you please share that with us? We’ll use it for FB promotions.
There are no continuous transaction with customers because we are constructing house to our customers and rarely another building for same customer and there is no data base of the customer.

4. Do you have any competitors list? If so, could you please share that with us?
Other builders in Chennai.

5. Do you have any other sites/domain other than the venkathomes.com?

6. Have you ever made any videos talking about your company, your profile videos, etc.,? If so, could you please share those with us?
Not yet.

7. Do you have any Google or Facebook accounts associated to your website? If so, could you please those credentials with us?
FB: @: venkatandassociates@yahoo.co.in

8. Also could you please share your cPanel/site admin details with us? It will help us to modify the content for on-page optimization.
No need.

9. What do you think are the basic words/terms that people use when they approach you for your services?
To construct their Dream home.

10. After a potential customer visits your site, what specifically do you want them to do? Please list conversions. For example – purchase, signup, contact us form etc.,
To construct a Dream house.
To purchase a Flat from us.
To make a contract to construct for them
To consult for their construction project.

11. Do you have any other material that would help give us a more complete picture of your products and services e.g. brochures or newsletters etc.,
Broucher, Soft copy and Hard copy.

12. Have you ever got any mail from Google about your site being penalized or as such? If yes, could you forward that mail address to us? It will help us to fix the old penalties, if any.

13. How many leads are you getting from your website currently, if any?.
Yes. Some leads often..